How To Find High-Buying Intent Keywords in Adwords

Step 1: Search

Identify what you sell. Focus on your best-selling product.

Go to “Tools” and click on “Keyword Planner”

In “Search for new keywords………..”, put your product/service

In this case, “wool trousers”

Click on “Download”

Click on ‘Adwords Editor CSV’ and tick ‘Destination’. It will save automatically in Drive.

Open file

Step 2: Sort

Sort A →Z to sort the cost per click.

Filter keywords above $1 cost per click. The cost per click determine the potential value of a keyword. Anything less than $1 is too little.

Review each keyword word by word and highlight each word with a high buying intent.

“best mens wool trousers” is high-buying intent.

The buyer is ready to buy “wool trousers”

“lightweight wool pants men” is also a high-buying intent keyword.

It’s more specific and the buyer further down the funnel. One or two adjectives helps.

Step 3: Filter

Copy and paste your highlighted words in a new tab in your spreadsheet

In the second column, identify the intent.

In my next Medium post, I’ll show you how to create campaigns.

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