Immature Senior Developers

Yeah, yeah.

I get you’ve been developing for yahs and yahs.

I get that you “know” how to do things properly.

I’m sure some of the things you do are great.

But two things…

… could newer techniques be available to you?

Could you not be such a dick to other developers?!

I don’t mind when you’re a dick to me. I feel like I’ve seen enough of your sort to not be bothered by it any more. When you’re a dick to junior developers. That’s not on.


Let them be right
If someone tells you something you already know, it’s OK to not mention the fact that you knew it already and you don’t appreciate them not knowing you knew it! Know what I mean? I knew you would…

Shades of grey
There is NEVER one way to do something. We work in a world containing a shit-ton of dials and levers. Pull one, some of the others move. It’s all one big balancing act. A compromise between various outcomes. Stating empathically that you do X because of Y, misses out on Z.

Attribute always
I’ve worked with someone who absolutely always mentions who came up with the idea, body of work, whatever it was, that they are now talking about. When it’s my name they mention, I feel great, and I’ve been at this for 15+ years! Imagine how a junior developer would feel, getting the props for something.


I don’t have one. Just be cool :)

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