The Secret to Success. And Why You WON’T Apply It.

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“Did you hear about the latest way to loose some kilos? This is a brand new super-easy method, that will make it enjoyable.” Does that sound familiar to you? All sale people and marketers … and book sellers make us think that changing our life is easy.

It is not.

Changing our life is not easy, but the solutions to our problems are easy (and well known). Applying them is not.

We all know that in order to have a good health we need to exercise regularly, eat non-processed food, have a good night sleep …

We all know that in order to get better at our job we need to never stop learning, to keep our word, to improve …

We all know that we must never take our loved ones for granted, to make small gestures that show them our feelings, to spend time with them …


Why? Because it’s hard to apply it. And we want it to be easy. Our brain looks for hacks, it wired for the quickest (least effort) solution.

We like to live in a fantasy world. We want to believe that the solution is hard to find and very few (an elite) can find it. Somehow we are part of that elite, just that we didn’t found the solution … yet.

So we keep reading, keep searching for the perfect fix to our problems, the holy grail of success. It doesn’t exist.

I’m sure that you know exactly what you have to change in your life. You know also how to change it. YOU JUST NEED TO ACT (EVERY SINGLE DAY)! Unfortunately, 99% of those who read this article won’t do that. Are you the 1%?

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