An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I will first start with a sympathetic piece saying that it can be heart wrenching to see executives and CEO’s of the companies you work for rolling in bank, when you’re on the ground floor making an unlivable wage barely being able to cover your costs. However, as far as sympathy goes, thats all I will say and I am sure they paid their dues.

No entry level job pays well. You can get a serving job making more than your first out of school “career level” entry level position. You ever hear the phrase take a step back to go three steps forward? You need to pay your dues.

Your college/university degree means absolutely nothing post graduation. Everyone and their brother can acquire a degree. I hear people talking about how they have Master’s Degrees all the time and can’t find a job. You can have a PHD in a meaningless field with no real job prospects and though you are welleducated, good luck making a buck.

Just because people are well educated does not mean they know how to make a living. Couple pieces of advice for you:

  1. If you went away to school and incurred the debt of living “on your own” and being that so called “independent” students seem to be so high strung up about, then that was mistake #1. What did you expect? Warren Buffet Salary with ZERO real life working experience post graduation?
  2. Why are you living on your own? By living with a roomate you could alleviate 50% of your living expenses per month in one shot and use them to buy those groceries you’re currently not buying.
  3. Your instagram account would suggest that you’re living well above your means. Ever heard of the saying “Champagne taste on beer wages?” Might want to curve your spending on material things and start filling your fridge.
  4. Lastly a person in your described financial situation made the ABSOLUTELY WORST move one could make. Getting fired from a job that you had without having a contingency plan for another job. Your Go Fund Me page is a joke and you would do yourself a solid by taking it down and collecting change on the streets because that will be a better use of your time if you were to evaluate the 2 options.

Instead of whining about your situation, why don’t you go get a serving job so you can cover your bills while you search for another job and then bust your ass for a promotion when you do get one.

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