“cultural Maoism” Oh look, starting to use the terms of white nationalist groups.

Typical lies of the perpetually offended.

“Cultural maoism” is a term I coined myself, even though Google search shows it is sometimes — but quite rarely — used. Purging and destroying existing structures so new ones can be made on ideological grounds, ”to rebel is justified” slogans, and trust in “thought reform” and the total malleability of human nature = cultural Maoism, a more accurate term than “cultural Marxism”. The “exact same phrases” as Stormfront (I had to look it up to even understand what it is) is simply a lie, but of course this is not about the truth but about shit slinging and hoping that some of it will stick.

“The Witcher isn’t based on fucking Polish Folklore”. Yes, yes, it is. I know, I’m Polish, and I know our history and culture. There are outside influences — there’s a fantastic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” quest in The Witcher 3 — but the core of the game, from visuals to lore, is Polish. Maybe if you actually read some books on Polish folklore and Slavic mythology, it’s be easier for you not to embarrass yourself.

“Because the issue with gaming (and media as a large) is complete lack of minority representation?” — that is absolutely, unequivocally not true and reveals the worrying lack of gaming knowledge, BUT even if it was true then choosing The Witcher 3 as the poster child of this lack of the representation makes as much sense as choosing Never Alone as a proof that white people are always evil.

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