Poetry. Attempted.

She came into my life on a dark night
I never her coming, I was a man of the evening, a dark knight
I was behind the bar nursing a hangover grinding at the job
The sight of her soothed me and had me twisting and turning like a door knob
I had to serve her just to get a smile or a name but I became uptight
I was star struck, I had never seen the sun shine so bright
She made me nervous, self-conscious, I was lost for words and lost in thought
The scene grew hazy and everyone else became secondary
My cardiovascular system ignoring lessons of heartbreak it was taught
Having her love and her touch became my priority even if it was to be temporary
She had to know me and I had to have her
My brain was sending me messages I had to decipher
Will she be worth the end of the road and the sadness?
Will she be worth my sanity and the descent into emotional madness?
I guess you can only know by trying,caring and loving
Even though it can be tiring or exasperating I knew right there the meaning of living