Vocabulary assassination

Do I expect success to just fall and land on my lap?
Eyes wide shut unable to claim my glory
Going through life sleeping, creeping, like I’m just taking a nap
Blindly walking trying to find myself like Dory
Life’s an obstacle course filled with traps
I move forward from ills avoiding the relapse
The mistakes of yesterday hangover me like I drank too much
Trying to wrestle with my demos but just like politics I feel out of touch
They say the apple don’t fall too far from the tree
I paved my own way grinding away to obtain my degree
But the school of life has only just begun
Looking in the mirror and I’m still reminded of what I could become
I don’t want to walk into his shoes and become part of the statistics
I want to land far from the tree, to resolve my own problems like mathematics
I see him in myself as the traits on my face grow older
I see him in myself as my ways grow colder
I see his mistakes in my words and in my actions
I see him in myself when I rejoice from getting the right reaction
I see myself in him when he pours the liquor from that bottle
I see my future when his way or the highway meant crashing full throttle