Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

Hillary Clinton lacks integrity. That’s a liability for a person of any sex in this digital age. Liars and abusers such as Bill Cosby, and in my country, ex-radio host Jian Ghomeshi, were insulated for decades by their power and influence in the mainstream media. Those walls have broken down. Same goes for politicians. It may be standard issue to lie and deceive the public if you want to be POTUS - but, these days there’s a much larger public community who’s going to know you’re lying to them. Witness the response to Clinton’s grossly false praise today for the Reagans - http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2016/03/11/hillary-clinton-lauds-reagans-on-aids-a-backlash-erupts Elizabeth Warren. Tulsi Gabbard. Countless potential candidates would receive a different response from those who don’t support Hillary Clinton because of the latter’s dishonesty and policies.

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