The past month has taught and reaffirmed many things for me.

None more so than the notion that; Content is Key.

A side note that is also worth remembering – when a publisher states they have no budget, fact is they are not respecting your work enough to pay for it, not that they cant… they just don’t want too.

I’m managing to change this stigma of ‘no budget’ one tough hurdle at a time.

I digress, hypothetically if all content creators were to stop funding the big publishers with amazing content for free what would happen?

Would we be lesser of an artist? No.

Would we lose anything other than clicks and a few referrals in the short term? I dont think so. And how many of those said referrals end up following through with some sort of job or purchase with you?

Answer: They would starve, their picture researchers would be employed to bid on your content rather than writing nicely worded emails asking to use it for free, promising you exposure.

You would in-turn help publishers have more unique, exclusive stories.

I am a firm believer in setting yourself goals.

Do great work that you are proud of and whether you get a social pat on the back, your work is published or not, it shouldn’t weigh in too heavy on your confidence as a professional.

Although we are still a fair way off where the market and industry need to be, we are making progress.

Recently I have worked extensively with a few photographers, tracking their global footprint.

Changing their mindset from: Its better to be published for free – than not at all.

The select creators of exclusively engaging content have had their work internationally recognised, published and paid for.

However once the news slows down, what’s next?

Do they sustain themselves on past glories? No, they have to go again.

Just this time, their bills are paid and when I brief the publisher on their next set of Images or Video, they know there’s a price attached.

Content is key;

You can have your work published in the most reputable magazines, on TV channels around the world, on social media’s with huge followings.

No need to give it away for free.

We need to put a stop to the assumption they can have it for free.

Try it out for a month.

I know that if we all stood together a monumental shift in the industry would occur.