Please don’t save me.

I’m drowning all my sorrows

but I’ve always thought that it’s fine,

that it is all good

without realizing

that I can’t see anything,

not even my dreams.

Please don’t save me.

I’ve been in this hole

for far too long,

so long that I call it home instead.

Enough room to think

enough room to contemplate

but never enough room

for something meaningful

or someone important

to fill in the void.

Please don’t save me.

I deserve everything I get, and

everything I have

and if happiness isn’t one of them

and if this emptiness is,

so be it.

I will be alright.

Or not.

But please know that you don’t deserve what I deserve.

Please don’t save me.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou