A Fictional Team of Three

On a slack that I’m on somebody asked:

You’re hiring a new team of 3 people at your company that you will personally lead. What people (alive, dead, real, or fictional) do you hire? Assume that all offers are accepted, and no constraints on time or space.

My three:

Barbara Gordon: exceptional computing & research skills (although there may be some issues around her more grey- to black-hat tendencies — nothing a good PR team couldn’t manage though.) She has also successfully managed groups of highly individualistic non-team players to a successful conclusion on multiple projects. Her combination of big-picture and hard technical skills is rare.

Angela Spica: unparalleled hardware prototyping and mass production skills, with a strong emphasis on AI and medical implants.

James Madrox: has successfully worked in different cross-disciplinary teams, in multiple roles, in different domains (everything from farm hand to research scientist to private detective). That in combination with his unique talent for solving any temporary need for extra staff is going to make a superb generalist to round off the team.

(Once more raising the question about whether running around in tights punching people is really the best way for superheros to bring value to the world!)