The World changes very fast but not necessarily the world of senior finance! I’ve been a Chartered Accountant since 1994 so I’ve seen first hand the more sedate pace of change at the senior level. That said there are things about the recruitment market that I expect to develop further and the trends we have seen over the last 20 years are likely to continue onwards.

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Lets take a look at some of those and extrapolate along and see if we can see something of what the future has in store…

The Internet. Well this is one that has really changed recruitment around, gone and long gone are the days when you would write a CV and post it sometimes with a hand written covering letter then wait patiently for a postal response. The trend here is going to continue with more and more web based applications to link together employers and employees. …

The UK economy suffered a real shock with the credit crunch and since 2008 business has changed, SME owners in particular are very cost conscious and are less likely to commit to expensive senior team members.

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This change has led to a dramatic growth in Portfolio roles including those of Portfolio Finance Directors. …

At one time local Government was tightly restricted in its ability to issue new debt, however a while ago new found freedoms were introduced allowing borrowing via what is known as the prudential borrowing.

Initially this deregulation was welcomed but there is a parallel to this in the private sector, building societies were allowed to borrow freely in the late 1980’s and rapidly built up large commercial borrowings. However they nearly all ended up in Financial difficulty and many got taken over or even saved via Nationalisation.

So we know that giving organisations the freedom to borrow is not necessarily a good idea, and a tax raising one is now different only that it can borrow cheaper than the rest of us, but debts are debts and have to be repaid at some point. …


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