I discovered why the road less traveled, isn’t traveled so much

“Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit.” — M. Scott Peck
Figuring out how in the hell I’m supposed to do this. Oh thank you psuedo code!

Project week! This is the first project of many. I’m an software engineering student here at Galvanize. Project week is basically where students finally culminate all of the things that were learned during the last 4 weeks and build something cool with it.

The constraints for this week is that there has to be an api call or two from an external source (sorry jQuery, you don’t count buddy), it has to look good (good UI) and it has to work (goes without saying, but since we are in a disclaimer society, I’m saying it).

So my app is using the respective API’s from Fandango and Google Maps. Right now I’ve been able to get the geolocation coordinates from the browser. This wasn’t a pain as I though it would be — Thanks MDN for the help — and now I have to figure out how to get the movie ID from the input field once a user types a move in. This is proving to be a challenge since the main result I’m getting from the Fandango API docs is “404 Not Found”. I mean hell, I get that a lot. Super annoying.

Instead of complaining about Fandango’s documentation — or lack thereof in most cases — I’ll just say that once again, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. But I’m chewing it anyway.

Writing unit tests is a skill I’ve decided to take on and develop as well. Never written one and my instructor has worked with me to get that setup (thanks Zubair!!) so now the rest is essentially up to me, as it should be.

All of the above along with working on incorporating the techniques learned in the last several weeks to produce a working result and not even the most optimized result is challenging. Lots of moving parts, lots of details to get right, lots of long nights ahead of me. Besting this challenge, I realize will only add to my personal and professional growth. This is a “dragon” that I will be slaying.

I’ve always been a proponent of doing the hard thing. Taking the difficult tasks. I struggle a lot especially in the beginning. When things aren’t working right, I do resort to using some advance swear words. Those don’t help. I actually don’t feel anything after the words have been released from my mouth. All the same, they are said. All the same, the problem persists.

Doing the hard thing sucks. It does. You have this barrier that you have to get past. What do you do? Do you go around it? Over or under it? What about through it? Or do you simply just don’t even bother and try to find another way. I’m not here to judge how you tackle the problems of you life. I however, just suffer through it until I finally conquer what I’m set out to do. I end up with a lot of “scars” at the end, but I swear, I learn so much more when it’s all done. This is normally happens after some reflection, which is something I do a lot.

Welp, stopping here. I gotta get back to this, It’s SXSW here in Austin (where I’m at atm) and there is no way I’m going to enjoy it when I have work to do.

Best I get to it.