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Q3 has begun. 2/4th of the race is done.

Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot — Parks & Recreation

Back at this!

So my fellow cohorts and I are in Quarter 3. We are learning Angular, specifically Angular 1.6. I’ll have to admit, Angular is pretty cool. Making changes and seeing them happen as you type (via one way or two way data binding) is pretty rad. I’m enjoying it. Like all things, when you first work at it, you suck. But that’s ok. You’re supposed to. At least at first. With work, and I’m talking about constant repetition, you get better. You get faster. You suck less.

Anyhoo, Here’s what I’ve learned today:

  1. No one person is an island. Rely on those around you for help:

Asking for help hasn’t been a hard thing for me thankfully. Though I will admit that I tend to “suffer” through a problem a lot longer than I should have before finally asking for help. I don’t know if this will serve me well or hinder my progress when I’m out in the field coding, but after finally exhausting my current skillset and knowledge, at least I can better explain the problem and steps that I’ve taken to reach a solution.

Nine times out of ten, the solution was simple and it’s a minor detail (or semicolon) that I’ve missed. It would have taken me ages to find out on my own. Always check your ego especially and ask for help if you need it.

2. If at first you don’t succeed with Bootstrap, make it work with CSS:

Ahh yes… Bootstrap. I loathe Bootstrap. You may like it, and that’s awesome, but me? I don’t. lol. I’ve had nothing but problems with it since I started with it in Q1 of Galvanize. Since I knew this would be a problem early on, I’ve been learning more and more how to do all the things with CSS. I’ve recently moved on to getting a good grip on SCSS which I freaking love.

Today, it was trying to get “has-success” and “has-error” classes to show up in an input field. I just wanted a border — green or red — around an input box just incase the user met the criteria or not when filling out a field. Alas, hooking that up with Bootstrap and Angular was a fools errand and instead wasting more time, I could just create classes of what I wanted and apply those classes with some good ol’ vanilla JS. Turns out that’s what I did and it took a few minutes to pull it off.

I dig Bootstrap for it’s grid, but for styling? Nah. I’ll pass. I just have to learn a nice CSS grid framework. Feel free to suggest a favorite you use.

3. I’ve grown a great appreciation for AngularJS errors:

Oddly enough, I really appreciate Angular’s errors. Specifically how each error will link you back to relevant information in their documentation.

I swear this has been a godsend. The errors are well explained (or as about as “explained” as an error can be) but that link to their docs is just icing on the cake.

That’s all for now. Loads more lessons learned, but I’m easing back into this blogging thing, plus I want to get back studying.

Hopefully there will be a continuation of this of sorts in blog form tomorrow. It’s Friday, and I get to visit Atlasssian HQ in Austin.

Can’t wait for that.