Connecting Students - Adrian Martinca

Adrian Martinca is a businessman who is also a solution and consultation expert. He attended UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) as an International Business student. He has worked in a variety of retail markets and has managed stores, sales, products, IT systems, and databases.

He is a very skillful man that has a very rounded knowledge of sales, networking, technical support, graphics, software installations, business strategies, strategic planning, and many more skills. Over time he has become a successful businessman who is now CEO of several companies and is breaking ground with a new non-profit focused on aiding students in need. “We are here to believe in our future generations and their capability to build a brighter future. But first, we must ensure that they have the tools they need to connect to our vast World of opportunity.” — Martinca explains.

Adrian Martinca is an innovator who believes that the future of our society is in the hands of the children. Due to this belief, Adrian seeks to instill that it is vital for people to ensure our future generations have the resources they need to succeed by making them accessible and effective in promoting the user’s capability.

It is with the right resources and team of motivated leaders, whether self-appointed or otherwise, that people can ensure the students feel believed in and have the tools they need to achieve their dreams. “Technology for the Future” came into existence based on the need to provide people with these very tools that they otherwise deemed inaccessible. Through the resources provided by organizations such as this one, people can ensure students are aided not only with their education but also their personal growth as people.

In his efforts to help the community, Adrian Martinca also started an online outlet where businesses and other organizations can purchase laptops at an affordable price. A.M.-OUTLET is a resource that allows for anyone in need of a laptop to be able to buy one.

It is a matter of defining innovative solutions that aid the communities in their positive growth towards the future. Together, humanity must provide for those in need.

You can join Adrian Martinca in his mission to help students in need. His non-profit is always seeking to create new partnerships and broaden their ability to help communities far and wide.
Email: for any kind of inquiries.

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+. Adrian Martinca believes, “If you have the right support to be capable, you will become capable, and thereby create opportunity to succeed.” — Adrian Martinca