I accept the hypocrisy in my act (I strive to book direct), I confess to be a regular user of an App called Hotel Tonight.

I use Hotel Tonight because it is leagues ahead of any other Online Travel Agent (OTA). They have my undivided attention because of their:

  1. incredible mobile interface — I can book a hotel room on my iPhone in two swipes of my finger;
  2. unrivalled prices;
  3. impeccable curation.

I often use Hotel Tonight to stay at one of my London favourites: The Hoxton. (although The Hoxton probably don’t see me as a frequent flyer because my…

Why running a Creative Agency in Suffolk can be painful.

“The point of creativity is to be different. If you aren’t different, you have no identity.”

The above is a quote from Dave Trott’s little book of wisdom called Creative Mischief. It has been lying on my desk for a while, left there by my colleague and friend, Chris, in the hope (I think) that I’d take it home and read it. Today I did.

I am not a great page turner especially when it comes to Fiction so I was much more inclined to read this book as I felt I could learn from it, especially since Chris thought…

Adrian Melrose

Direct South African working in UK Travel Tech.

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