Being Different

Why running a Creative Agency in Suffolk can be painful.

“The point of creativity is to be different. If you aren’t different, you have no identity.”

The above is a quote from Dave Trott’s little book of wisdom called Creative Mischief. It has been lying on my desk for a while, left there by my colleague and friend, Chris, in the hope (I think) that I’d take it home and read it. Today I did.

I am not a great page turner especially when it comes to Fiction so I was much more inclined to read this book as I felt I could learn from it, especially since Chris thought that too!

Bringing the book home tonight is timely because today I sat listening to my business partners in the Studio describe why they were so tired and disheartened by a client who briefed Condiment for a new Brand Identity and just didn’t want to stand out from the crowd in any way even if he would have achieved something memorable.

We have to choose our clients carefully because, generally, it’s hard working as a creative in Suffolk. Too many ruled by fear and traditional values that no longer seem to have a place in our fast-paced world. They are conservative and so loathe to be progressive, to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. That’s why it’s impossible to create a memorable brand for a client that doesn’t want to look different.

Chris, if you’re reading this, Dave Trott has just helped me understand your pain!