My drink was drugged. If any of you can relate to this, I apologize. I’m sorry someone did this to you, because each of us are now left with the story of “that night”… A night most of us wish we could forget. The night I was drugged, I was at “my” bar for a Halloween party.

I never would have imagined that of all places, this would happen at a place where I was comfortable…In a place where I knew the bartenders, the “regulars”, etc., it was a place where I felt SAFE. Until that night.

That night, as most happen, I was assaulted. Mine (to my knowledge) was physical, although some of yours are sexual…We shouldn’t have to live in a world where this exists. Each of our attackers had their motives. Mine happened to be fueled by a past abusive relationship. The night I was drugged, I was physically assaulted at my ex- boyfriend’s house.

This is my story.

For the record, his story was that some girl “beat my ass” at the bar. Which I later found to be untrue, as my dad and I each had separately spoken to the owner, who was there on Halloween, thankfully, confirmed that I was okay when I left at closing time.

I wakeup stumbling into a house that looked sort of familiar. I stumble inside and realize it is my ex’s house. (I wouldn’t have gone here on my own under normal circumstances.) However, I’m relieved, because my body didn’t feel right, my mind didn’t feel right. I knew something was wrong, and this was familiar. I find my way into his room and lay down next to what I thought at the time was him.

I hear a man began screaming at me. His words don’t make sense, what does he mean, wait this isn’t my ex. Wait, I’m on the floor? My head hurts. I woke-up on the floor and heard snoring, realizing it was his dad. Wow, my head hurts, why does it hurt? Why is his dad in his bed, what the fuck, did he seriously kick me? My mind couldn’t slow down. I can’t comprehend anything. He started yelling louder and louder. I started running through the house.

I remember feeling scared, yet my body felt numb, and it was like I was running on clouds, yet being chased. Something is wrong. I’m not just drunk. What is wrong with my body. I can’t open the door. Finally, it’s open. I’m safe, I thought…