Choosing Facts Over Flash

Anyone who has been to Vegas or Reno remembers the lights: bright, flashing and carefully designed to distract us from reality. So too has been the flash in this presidential campaign. Whether its hate speech or big promises, it’s hard to not get distracted.

I don’t live in Nevada but I will be there for the Nevada Caucus. Why? Because as a first generation Latina, mother and environmentalist, I want to make sure that Hillary Clinton’s commitment to our community and to the issues affecting us doesn’t get overshadowed by the flash.

As a woman and mother I see things differently than others. I see things through my children: “What’s best for them? Will they have what they need in the future? Will they have a healthy environment in which to thrive?” I need those questions answered when I vote and I believe that Hillary has what it takes to get the results we need.

Hillary may not be flashy or loud, inciting the fervor that others might, and that’s precisely why I support her. She is substance, and in choosing someone to care for my kids or our country, that’s what truly matters. I want someone who can get the job done right and who has proven she will fight for families, kids, our planet, and women.

I want to know my future president’s plan to ensure all children receive high-quality education in a time when schools struggle to make ends meet. I want a leader who doesn’t just want better schools but has experience improving public schools, raising academic standards, fighting for teachers. Someone who recognizes that millions of Hispanic and African American children and youth need to improve their educational outcomes; a leader who recognizes that low-income students, students of color, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities might need and deserve, a little extra help. Someone like Hillary who worked to get millions of children insurance. That’s a track record I can believe in.

I want a leader who understands that as women we must eliminate barriers that still exist so that my daughter won’t have to face the same challenges we have entering and advancing in the workforce, receiving equal pay for equal work, retaining control of our health decisions.

For my kids and all children, I need a leader like Hillary who will put in place a plan to fight climate change and protect our planet. A president who will carry on the progress we’ve made towards clean renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. States like Nevada and California have shown it can be done increasing renewable energy production, creating thousands of good jobs and reducing the pollution that causes climate change. Renewable clean energy that fuels economic growth keeps on the lights and generates less pollution. Hillary Clinton will get this done.

A strong track record of leadership and detailed policy proposals may not be flashy or make for the catchiest tweets or headlines, but as a voter who is voting not just for myself but for the best interests of my children, my aging parents, our planet, I know we can’t get distracted by the flash. So I’ll align myself with the candidate who can point to accomplishments and give me details about how they’ll deliver real results. Hillary has done this on everything from education to stricter gun laws to women’s equality to climate change, building consensus and delivering results for us, our children and our future.

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