How do you know she’s capable?
George Naftali Muenz

I wrote “ leaving aside the matter of Talia being capable or not”. That means: I don’t assume she’s capable. But Kris, and you, do assume she’s incapable, and stupid. Kris told her “don’t do X, as your update shows, it will get you fired.” That’s after she had written I did X, and kinda expected this to happen.

To make it easier for you to understand:

  • I haven’t given advice to Talia. You just assume I did because I said “Kris likes kicking people when they’re down.” That’s weird, but not my problem.
  • Kris’s “advice” is crap. Kris’s “advice” repeats what Talia already said, but with cruelty, or assumes things about Talia to tell her how stupid and entitled she is.

There are ways to give useful advice. This wasn’t it, and you, as Career Coach, should know. You are still convinced spitting into someone’s face is useful. That’s sad. I’m sorry for you, and for your students. I’m convinced that Kris’s advice at best only fuels resentment. But hey, let’s agree to disagree..

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