Stop Trying To Fit In: Grow Into Your Destiny

There are times when you want to be something more in someone else’s life.

But there are times when people already have a premeditated spot for you somewhere else. Oddly and sadly, in a place you neither hoped nor expected. Not the one you imagined in your mind’s eye. Not the space you hoped for in your heart.

Like an odd one out, you attempt to fill empty spaces in the jigsaw puzzle of other people’s life.

Hesitantly, you try to fit yourself in places not cut out for you.

Painfully, like a fish out of water, you wiggle and flap your way hoping that someone will notice you, and put you in your proper place, in a special place in their life.

Unwittingly, no amount of pressure or maneuvering will move you out of that inevitable place towards a comfier, more intimate space in your dear someone or something.

You’re left with no better choice but to just accept and appreciate the role assigned for you…that one sweet spot designated — no, destined — for you by fate, maybe even God Himself.

Without consolation, you suffer greater pains when you push too hard beyond your limits, exert too much effort, being really extra nice, to fill someone else’s place in that special someone’s life.

It would’ve been easier to heed the early warning signs: those unanswered texts, calls, and emails.

That cold treatment.

Those at arm’s length way of relating.

It would’ve been easier to not get drawn too much to that person, or that dream.

It would’ve been easier to back away, distance yourself, and be on your way somewhere.

But alas, you fall time and again, miserably. And then glibly you find your way to recovery — to get right back on track…in solo flight.

And so it goes, you learn your lessons the hard way: Find your place. Fill your sweet spot.

Stop fighting your way into someone’s life.

Don’t shove your way to your preferred slot.

Just bloom where you’re planted.

Then let love, and everything else, find you growing contently and happily into your destiny.

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