I launched my photo portfolio today.

It’s long long overdue. In the end I did it in about 12 hours, just pushed straight on through. Essentially it is the culmination of about 2 years work, when push came to shove I knew what I needed to do, and so I did.

I chose to go with Pixel Rights. That’s pixelrights.com — they are a London based startup by photographers for photographers. They provide access to class-leading copyright protection tools, a growing directory and network and a beautiful and simple way to showcase your work.

So, obviously you still need photos… lightroom shows I have plenty of those — the hard bit is choosing what to show. In the end I settled on events, portraits, landscape, street and nature. There is a whole lot more I could show… but then I asked myself do I really need to?

Answer: not right now.

Here are some examples of my work, if you’d like to see more why not visit my new site? Oh and yes, you can buy prints there ;-)

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