My first day at San Quentin State Prison
Varun Singh

It’s truly frightening that we can lose the rest of our lives, for 1 decision. I have never spent any time in prison, and certainly hope I never do, but it’s scary to think one could spend thousands of days behind bars for a single decision. Moreover, if these decisions are based on hopelessness, learned behaviors, or society’s inequalities. The discrimination in our prison system is scary. What I think is even scarier, is the amount of incarceration in the US compared to other countries. The prison special on Vice was great. Things need to change, and they need to change soon, we are better than this, we are too smart as a nation to allow this continue. Great work Varun, I recently joined the CTL, Crisis Text Line to also support those in need. I applause you bravery and desire to hep other!