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Sir: I was a Chemistry major, Biology and Physics minor undergrad, taught High Schoool Chemistry for eight years, produced 325 educational filmstrips for SVE, EBF, Doubleday & Co., MCA Universal Education and Visual Arts. See for a partial listing on my published credits. I produced 433 Apple IIe educational computer programs for my own distribution company, AV Systems, Inc, have been published in ten national magazine here in the UK, was West Coast Editor of Popular Photography writing a monthly column.

Your ideas about gases are nonsensical. See Graham’s Law and you will see that the distribution of CO2 favors the lower atmosphere per that relationship. In any case, CO2 is a trace gas and a poor absorber of IR from sunlight and my simple demo-experiment proves that with a control flask and an experimental flask in which you can increase the CO2 drop by drop of vinegar that generates another 450 ppm and by the time you go over 10,000 ppm you will see the temperature decline as CO2 drives water vapor from the air per Le Chatelier. If you need I will send you my paper that outlines, documents the stoichiometry and apparatus that is simple to assemble request at

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