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Better Call Saul — season 1 started as a quirky show that not only managed to surpass the expectations but stood on its own without being overshadowed by arguably the greatest series ever that spawned it. Season 2 followed with a surge of dramatic energy while showcasing the charms of its characters. Season 3 not only showed no signs of slipping but started to pick up really exciting speed. This show just gets better and better.

Halt and Catch Fire — A refreshingly well-acted period drama that convincingly portrays the not-too-distant past and tells the story of computer and internet pioneers. It’s like Mad Men for geeks, just as sleek but with more modern and fascinating background.

Haters Back Off — excruciatingly funny and modern approach to comedy. You’re talking about freedom of exploring and experiment? Master of None has nothing on this show in that regard. And forget about Chewing Gum. This is more sharp and cringeworthy than anything I’ve seen this side of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Go for this! What are you waiting for?

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