A Better Save Icon
Seth Coelen

I’ve already commented on someone else’s remarks of the disks relevance but I do have some thoughts about what “Saving” really is.

To me, saving is (and always has been) a checkpoint – it’s a way to know that whatever happens from save point X, I know I can go back to here. We see this in modern games, where it’s not always necessary to open a menu and hit Save anymore as progress is constantly tracked via a series of checkpoints. That’s what saving is to me, regardless of what I’m using: GitHub commits are a point I can return to safely, Photoshop shows me a history of my steps to reach that point that I can step back through.

I don’t agree that the icon should be updated, but I think when you start to associate things like clouds, you still rely too heavily on a technology that may only have a specific context.

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