Soft and gentle, the wind kisses your lips.
She travels a long distance and whispers in your ears,
secrets of the land,
That make you giggle and smirk.

She grazes the nape of your neck,
And you shiver with pleasure,
She touches your cheek and you feel safe.
Warm and tender is her touch,
Caressing your skin,
As you lie with her.

She tells you about the farthest hill.
How the sun perks from behind them to look upon your face every morning.
She tells you tales about her youth,
When she made love to the dawn, and slept in the arms of the dusk.

She sings about the tree tops,
And how they dance to her tunes.
For she sings a lullaby,
In chords of silence and serenity.
She laughs when you ask her about those mighty mountains.
For they played together in their youth.

She tells you about the moon,
And how the stars in the night sky worship you.
They look upon your face and twinkle with excitement.
They blush when you think about them.

O distant wind,
Carry me away, far beyond this city of stagnation.
Lift me and love me.
Caress my wounds and kiss my soul.
Carry me to the place,
Where the tree tops kiss the sky.

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