Jeff Swift Joins The Adriel Hampton Group

I first met Jeff Swift back in 2011 at a CityCamp unconference event in Raleigh, NC. Jeff was a PhD student at NC State, working on his rhetoric degree. I got my undergrad in rhetoric, and we were both interested in politics, and bullish about the potential for new technologies to improve citizen-government communications. We talked shop a bit, and stayed in touch.

Jeff Swift

Soon thereafter, my friend Bonner Gaylord needed help with his Raleigh City Council re-election race. I gave him Jeff’s name, Bonner won his race. I also kept up with Jeff as he worked on campaigns in Provo, Utah, using NationBuilder, where I worked from 2011–2015. I also recommended Jeff come to NationBuilder, which he did in 2014. While we worked together there, he continued his passion for better government through technology with a project called “The People’s Lobby,” which brought together citizens who would research and propose a law to be adopted by their locality. After leaving NationBuilder, Jeff wrote a book based on what he’d learned through his leadership in the field, “Digital Community Organizing: Why Political Power Must Be Shared, Not Stored.”

Jeff’s been working in Salt Lake as marketing manager for a large consulting company, but through our shared interests in continuing to drive change in digital, I was lucky enough to bring him over to my boutique firm, where we specialize in using digital technologies to acceleration political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. Jeff will lead our Utah practice as well as coordinate many projects in our western states focus area. I’m happy to have him aboard!

You can follow Jeff here on Medium, Jeff Swift.

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