Using Surveys to Convert Subscribers

Every nonprofit and political campaign struggles with email list growth. And the size and health of that email list is directly correlated to financial contributions, volunteers, and other community resources needed to survive.

Whether you’re gaining new subscribers through a partnership with an organization like Really American or, reaching voters through PDI, or using Accurate Append to update stale email addresses or append emails to your voter file, a first-touch survey can be a great way to get folks acclimated to your organization before sending any kind of hard ask. Your complaint (spam) rate will go down, too.

I recently used Accurate Append to scrub a large city voter file email list before sending an email with a survey link and little else. The survey can be used to generate double-opt ins, to filter new subscribers by interest, and to give the subscribers more information about what they might expect as a part of your digital community. Along with yes/now and multiple choice questions, include information about how many emails subscribers can expect, and be sure that your survey tool is providing tags or other sortable information about your survey takers and that the information is compatible with your email program (I like Action Network).

Data about your subscribers can also be used to generate new understanding and shareable graphics with stats about your community. Now, remember that email surveys aren’t going to be statistically accurate unless you’re pulling in a data scientist to balance the results, but their usefulness as a new subscriber recruitment and warming tool is worth the effort.

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