Recently someone questioned what the arguments for and against treating juveniles as adults in the criminal justice system are. The context for this question is important: most jurisdictions in the United States (and many other countries, including western-style democracies) transfer juveniles accused of violent crimes (sometimes only the worst of such crimes) from the rehabilitation-centric juvenile system into the often brutal and harsh criminal system.

One would think such a ubiquitous policy would have strong proponents, making similarly strong arguments. But a quick search for both arguments from those supporting juvenile “transfer” or lowering the MACR (minimum age of criminal…

On January 20, I overheard someone say, “He’s finally gone.”

But “he” may have physically vacated the White House, he isn’t really gone. Someone removed against their will from political office (or from anywhere, for that matter) is never really gone. They continue to haunt us, almost like a ghost.

Put another way, an absent ex-president leaves a residue behind that continues to exercise power. Claire Lampen at The Cut, in a piece titled “Finally, He’s Gone,” describes such phantoms. …

Brain scan showing CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).

For American football fans, this year’s season — even as it was inhibited by COVID-19 — offered an exciting display of competition. But it’s tough being a thinking NFL fan these days. You may find yourself on one side or the other of political questions, whether player demonstrations or the political orientations of team owners. And then there’s the true elephant in the room: traumatic concussions.

Concussions and repeated blows to the head are known as TBIs — traumatic brain injuries. Football players get them all the time. These injuries are associated with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), “a progressive and…

We always fear new technology before its usage becomes unexceptional. We always think it crosses some rubicon that has never been crossed before, and that its doing so will make what’s good, bad. Most of the time, however, we get used to it and move on to fear even newer tech.

The emergence of machines capable of aiding warfare through artificial intelligence was sobering and worrisome before the more recent evolution of “lethal autonomous weapons,” or LAWs. These weapons are defined by their ability to “think through” decisions on the battlefield, or whatever arena of combat they are in, and…

Antitrust law is the big stick that an otherwise pro-corporate government uses to correct some particular forms of market failure. For instance, if a company is too big, and its size and control of the supply of a particular good or service undermines consumers, that company might be forced to pay some fines and change some of its practices; alternatively, it might be broken up into smaller companies. In the 1980s, the federal government “broke up” AT&T. The “Bell System” was broken up by consent decree in 1982, and AT&T was required to cede ownership of the Bell Operating Companies…

From Left to Right: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI), Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Marie Newman (IL), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA), Jamaal Bowman (NY), Cori Bush (MO), Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN).

For progressives, it bears pointing out (even if it’s already well-known among political junkies) that every member of the “Squad” won their primary campaigns this Summer, even after Bernie Sanders’s disappointing finish in the presidential primary. This included sound defeats of well-financed challengers against Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and New York City’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Rashida Tlaib of Detroit had a little tougher competition, but also won.

In these races, mainstream voices tried very hard to make the odds seem more even than they actually were. In Rep. Omar’s case, for example, she saw her race called less than an hour…

Phil Mandelbaum just published a very long interview about my firm, background, and viral run for California Governor. I hope you’ll check out the full Q&A at

We covered everything from my SEO work for email data business Accurate Append to beating Markos Moulitsas’ favored candidate in a Berkeley City Council race.

winning with Kate Harrison

Phil also asked about my roots in journalism, my path to activism, and what I think we should be doing next.

The Green New Deal, a full-scale reimagining of our economy with climate change baked out, is very, very compelling. Just about everything I’m doing right now is aligned with the goal of decarbonizing our economy over the next decade.

I hope you’ll check it out!

The fury of the meme wars can seem really bad. Like society is ripping apart at the seams. The online is real life and real life is increasingly weird.

My late colleague Jim Gilliam wrote a book about how the internet was god because it connects us all together. He also explained his belief there was a benefit in the scaled post-Facebook nonviolent online conflict because it quickly exposes a regional or global moral consensus and propels society forward.

I’m more of a Buddhist and Jim’s first assertion doesn’t fit the totality of my experience with human interconnectedness. …

Since rushing a filing for California Governor to accelerate my campaign to discredit Facebook’s political ad policies, I’ve had time to consider the efficacy of staying in this tough statewide race.

I’ve had sincere discussions about whether I’m flushing my political career down the toilet by running for an office now occupied by San Francisco’s very own boy. If I ran against a SoCal Republican, for example, prominent Democrats could happily support me and the battle to rein in Silicon Valley abuses. In the weeks since I created a viral moment by running to place fake ads, I’ve continued to…

A new ad asking viewers to call Senate Majority Leader and thank him for supporting impeachment is now active on Facebook. It’s my latest volley in the fight to encourage Facebook to stop offering paid reach to lying politicians, a rule that seems designed to benefit the one campaign that has hundreds of millions to spend on lies and isn’t afraid to do it: Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

This new ad was inspired by Trump’s own ad that falsely claimed Democrats had already voted for impeachment.

Campaign volunteers edited contemporary video and audio from the Clinton…

Adriel Hampton

Marketer. Candidate for California Governor.

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