So, on Monday I will give up MacOS
Sam Morrow

I have been using Linux for work for many years and make it my only operating system for personal purposes since 2009. I’m now so used to it, I wouldn’t imagine switch back to Windows again. My first Linux computer was a desktop PC with Ubuntu 9.04 and the Good Old Gnome 2. In 2012, I replaced this computer with an HP laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 (I removed all Windows partitions on purchase day !). Now, I use a Dell XPS 13 9360 with Ubuntu 16.10 on which I’m writing this post.

When I switched from Windows to Linux, it took me a few months to fully understand every aspects of the system, but now it seems so natural for me, I don’t even think of it, it’s just my computer, and I love it! Of course, I run through minor issues from time to time, but Windows was not problem-free either and the advantages of Linux surpass all the little disadvantages. It’s fast, easy to understand, easy to fix (thanks to the awsome community) and highly customizable.

Anoter very important aspect is the ethics of Linux: You own your computer. It doesn’t hide you all the internals, so you can still learn how it works. I think it’s really important if we want to be an active and enlightened consumer.

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