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Over the past weeks, Sorare has been rewriting its React components to improve the performance of countdowns on its English auctions with Context API. Read about some of the performance challenges we encountered and overcame along the way.

If you’re interested in technical challenges like this, please check out our open engineering roles and apply for a position.

At Sorare, the global fantasy football game, we sell our digital trading Cards through English auctions. English auctions mean the highest bidder wins. It also means there’s an end date to the auction process. …

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When we first discussed building a decentralized application with my co-founder Nicolas, our shared goal was to build a mainstream product. We knew that the mass market does not care about ideologies, it cares about better products. To be successful, we had to create a product that tells the crypto story for you: with digital scarcity, censorship-resistance, and true ownership by design.

That’s why we started building a game. A game based on the most followed sport in the world: football. A game with digital collectibles that possess utility and value. …


Adrien Montfort

Co-Founder and CTO @SorareHQ

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