How to find a job on Twitter ?

LinkedIn is the first social media platform we think about when looking for a job. 48% of recruiters post on LinkedIn and nowhere on social media. What about the 52% left? I detail an effective and easy way to filter those tweets with Hootsuite in this short post.

1. Identifying relevant keywords

Hootsuite integrates more than 150 third-party apps that will enhance the capabilities of your dashboard. Apps can help you curate content, analyse industries and competitors, and centralise your favorite marketing tools. It is straightforward to install an app to the dashboard.

I use Nexalogy to identify relevant hashtags and concepts related to a keyword. Nexalogy will analyse the last 1500 tweets of the last 24 hours including the given keyword. The app also provides the number of occurences for related concepts.

See the result for hiring:

2. Monitoring tweets

Now that we have identified relevant keywords we can start playing with Hootsuite search streams and looking for potential job listings. Let’s try to find a consulting position in London!

Query: #hiring AND consulting + geolocalisation

Et voilà! We have found some interesting job listings:

Leave a comment if you have any tips or questions about social media.