Trend Forecasting colours : the current case of Greige

The confirming of a new color trend : Greige is no longer only considered as a neutral color. It is becoming a territory of revolutions and utopias by the history of its own composition and our current societies.

In the 90’s gray embodied a future based on the promising achievements of technology, through computers. The future of this period was tinged with apocalyptic background, within the contemplation of fast approaching 2000.

Today, the gray shade is now exploring the collections of colored grays. 
In our unconscious, grays have now emancipated from a futuristic vision in order to reveal our present and its own hues: our suburbs (gray), the concrete of our buildings (sandstone) and pollution (colored gray).

Strangely, the apocalyptical echo is not uncertain. In 2014, Sylvie Hohlbaum, a German director, questioned the interest of retirees to wear beige .. Through her short film, we discover that beige clothes were designed for a post-war generation, who was impregnated by a period of geopolitical tensions (world war 2 and cold war). Furthermore, the beige was seen as the best compromise for a camouflage military uniform in Europe in the early 20th century.

Today, beige, like the gray, gains a new colour. Belonging to brown, it coexists with gray and white in his manipulations. It suggests the compromise that we have already taken regarding these related colors : the mere existence of Greige.

In the past, this existence has been difficult to see or describe.

In Fashion, Greige was first introduced by Giorgio Armani during the summer of 1975. The same summer, Vivienne Westwood opened her “Sex” boutique, signing the arrival of Punk clothes in the industry of fashion. Thus, Greige appeared in a climate of rebellion and political tensions and co-existed with anarchist ways of dressing whereas the proxemia of Greige in the french “National Center of Textual and Lexical Ressources” gives us the words vulgar, brutal, savage, imperfect and undercover.

But greige was first defined as the color of a silk remained undyed and unbleached or refers during the 16th century to any kind of raw matter. Today, with the current generation of designers delivering to the center approaches the raw material, non-color, no-ready-made, we regard/consider the matter as alive, a being in itself. Animism has found here and now its colour bringing Greige in the collective unconscious.

Combining the gray, brown, beige with white, greige transposes the technology and idealistic visions of apocalyptic contexts. Thus, greige becomes an inspiration for nowadays artists and designers.

Sand, stone, heat, dust and desert, as many other components determine an emerging inspirational territory . This current approach of Armageddon coloured in greige assume our generation ‘s ability to get inspired even in an anxious context. 
But today’s Greige does not only represent the mix between the technologic gray and the post-apocalyptic beige, it is linked by his own composition to white.

Currently,between Hillary Clinton’s white costume and the launch of the hashtag 
#wearwhitetovote white is again seen as a neutral but also as a way to come together in a desire to rethink the notion of democracy. Thus, greige asserts its position in the societal background and suggests with those hues of whites some hope for the notion of solidarity and upbeat gathering of American citizens.

Greige also implies a desire for balance in a society brought by extremists. As the reknown trendforecaster Lidewij Edelkoort said during her last presentations and interviews, black has been matched with Daesh in our collective unconscious. This, according to her, will lead us to protest by wearing bright, pale and light colours. Here, Greige seems to be a sign confirming this trend.

Let’s Greige !

Here, the use of the term “trend” refers to the desire(s)/expression(s) of a group in a particular time and space.