How Having A Personal Assistant Changed My Life.

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Enough is enough! Okay, I know I’m hyperactive, but I don’t want to reduce my life to sitting in front of my computer 15 hours a day. 3 months ago I decided to make something happen and hire an assistant. After 48 hours of interviewing a ton of candidates, I finally made the move. May this blessed day be forever remembered as one that changed my life! Let me tell you how…

I’m a freelancer but not on my own.

As a freelancer one of the hardest thing to face is… Yourself. You work from home, spend whole days without human contact, and constantly experience doubt, fear, and problems alone. Having a personal assistant on hand means having someone to discuss business with, encourage you, give you feedback, ideas and sometimes: Kick. Your. Ass.

There will definitely be days when you just don’t want to do anything. But, if you’ve got someone on your team awaiting instructions, assets, or information from you, you can’t let them (and by extension yourself) down. That’s motivation 101.

I suck at things I don’t like doing.

You may delay, but time will not. — Benjamin Franklin

I have no willpower to spend time doing stuff I don’t like to do, who does? Funnily enough, I can’t help but suck at those things… What a coincidence! Employing an assistant is a guaranteed way to get done your most-dreaded tasks. The ones you put-off as soon as you get them. The ones that poison your day. And even worse, the ones that require so much energy to get through… Getting rid of them feeeeels soooo GOOD!

Things you don’t like to do require 3 times more energy: 
Before: To motivate… During: To execute… After: To recover…

I’m billing more hours of work daily.

I work around 10–12 hours a day. This means that I have 10–12 units of time per day for my business. Some of these units are worth the hourly rate my clients pay me. The others are worth zero in monetary terms, but are absolutely necessary: answering emails, research, sourcing prospective clients, organization, administration, accounting etc. By utilizing my assistant, I’m reducing the number of these tasks on my desk and freeing up units of paid time. Which means that without actually working more hours or making my day longer I can make more money. How cool is that?

I have time to think (away from my computer)

That’s where things get very exciting; the “unprofitable” part. So, I’ve freed a lot of time per day, and consequently per week, thanks to my assistant, Ernesto. This is time that I won’t spend in front of my computer but away from it; walking, running, visiting people, traveling. All these activities have one thing in common; they make me think and reflect. I basically stop being hypnotized by work and have more time for the deeper questions; from what I really want to do with my life to how to actually make that happen. It has a direct impact on my business, my life, and my personal relationships. This is not valuable in terms of $$ but is definitely the most important part of what I do. Free yourself from all that noise and give yourself time to focus on what really matters, on what matters to you.

So, those are the four most significant benefits that I’ve noticed during the last few months, and they’re pretty big! As you can see, hiring an assistant was totally worth it. Financially it’s great, especially as he takes care of prospective business (something I hate to do), and brings me new contracts through which he gets a commission. And I have more time and energy to focus on my creativity and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Everybody wins!

Finally, a BIG shout-out to my man, Ernesto. You’re doing an amazing job as my right-hand man, all the way over there in Venezuela. As many of you know, life there is tough. It’s really inspiring to work alongside this law student who is pushing so hard, in addition to his studies, to make great things happen in his life.

Check out this insightful video about Venezuela

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