Retrospective 2015

“The past has been there all along, reminding us: This time — maybe, hopefully, against all odds, we will get it right.” ― Leslie T. Chang


2015 began amazingly for me as I embarked on the second and final part of my world trip. I had the good fortune to cross Africa from Cape Town to Nairobi, explore the Middle East, and navigate India from east to west on a motorbike. I also happened to be in Nepal during the devastating earthquakes, helping out as best I could… Definitely a striking memory. A few weeks in Vietnam and Southeast Asia brought me back in the game before finishing up amongst the skyscrapers and centuries-old temples of Japan and South Korea. A pretty intense journey that you can explore here!


So, after visiting more than 15 countries in few months, I just had to turn this amazing collection of memories, pictures, people, and interviews into a book. I created the Humans of the World Book (HOTW) and it has been an awesome success with hundreds of copies sold. I’m very thankful and humbled that so many people were interested in my travels. Thank you!

HOTW really gave me a taste for writing, and it’s now through these articles and my private mailing list that I share my insights and thoughts. I can’t thank Christy Swain enough for helping me daily on this task with her frankness and patience. There are now almost a thousand people following and giving me regular feedback and thoughts on these articles. Again, I’m really inspired by the interest of people and all these interactions are bringing us all to the next level!

Creatives Without Borders

It was a pretty busy year, a big reason for that was the formation of Creatives Without Borders with Nicolas Duminil. CWB is a foundation connecting designers, thinkers and doers with nonprofits in need of creative expertise. We are now a team of 10, and our new website will be online very soon with more projects and a bigger community. In few months we’ve already helped more than 10 non-profits in 7 different countries and reached more than 60,000 people. I predict 2016 will be even more rewarding!

Mountain, Climbing and Running

Challenges, challenges, it’s all about the challenges! This year has been full of them… Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Fuji, Lake of Annecy Marathon, and 3000km ran over the past 12 months. Here’s hoping 2016 will be just as action-packed with a few more surprises thrown in… Stay tuned! ;)

Mentoring and Teaching

One of the big new things in my life since 2015 is my teaching and mentoring roles and it’s… awesome! I began teaching UX at and having daily interactions with my students is really stimulating. “The best way to learn is to teach”… for sure! You can read an article about my work at CF right here.

I’ve also been a mentor for Alchemist Accelerator in SF Bay and Techstars in Detroit, both were awesome experiences that I can’t wait to return to in 2016! Both were truly enriching learning experiences that I highly recommend anyone getting involved in.

Full time Freelance

Yeehaa! It’s happening! After working for a few years in-house for advertising agencies in Barcelona, Paris, and New-York I’m finally becoming a full time freelancer. It’s a pretty big move if you have a sense of what life as a freelancer is like, but again it’s an amazing and exciting challenge. I’ve finally found the balance between being a successful creative and happy one by keeping one foot in advertising and the other in startups. So now let’s nail it!

That’s it! A pretty busy year, but a lot of fun and more specifically a lot of amazing people encountered along the way. I think that’s the most important thing to highlight; “doing stuff” forces you to interact with people, to laugh, love, cry and share life experiences with new humans everyday and to me that’s what really adds richness to our lives. So let’s hang out in 2016! Where will you be?

Happy New Year :)

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