Morning warm up — Elevation Mask 2.0

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share a thought, a brain fart, about what I kind of discovered to be a good method to warm up before a morning workout. At least a good one to me!

I recently switched my training sessions early in the morning instead of late in the evening. I always had training in the evening even when practicing in clubs. I never had too much pain to warm-up after a day at the university or at work but when it comes to morning sessions, I am not really motivated and I feel like I am not doing it at 100%.

I tried many different ways to get correctly started: jump rope, shadow boxing and more… but nothing really nice.

I mentioned few months ago about the Elevation Mask. Since then, I did not really used it, because a bit hard to integrate it in my routine.

However I found the Mask very useful for warming up. I actually use it with the Freeletics app and some of the proposed exercises (free ones). I was not using Freeletics anymore. Therefore, it was also a good way to get back to it with parsimony.

Elevation Mask 2.0

The perfect combo for me in order to wake up my cardiovascular system and the motivation going with it, is the following:

The Krios workout (~5mins) + the Elevation Mask with the 1 air inlet setting. You can alternate between the different modes: Strength / Standard / Endurance. You will find a description of it right here.

It is short enough to not get right away burnt, and if you try to complete it as fast as you can, I can assure you that with the Mask, you will feel the difference.

Having the mask forces you to breath intensively as soon as you get started. Using the app forces you to stick to the program and it gives a nice incentive to get started.

You get warm in less than 5 mins and ready to start your session in a good way.

Of course you could tell me that the Elevation Mask is somehow expensive but if you think twice, it is not more expensive than a brand new Nike gear right?