Bitquence — Next-Generation Universal Wallet and Value Management Platform

If you have been using for awhile now, you must be amazed by how it works that you can store a lot of tokens on your wallet so long as they are running on the Ethereum blockchain. Some of these tokens which have been very much successful are ICONOMI, GOLEM, EDGELESS and in the future will be BitQuence.

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiast sees Ethereum as the future because the token is pretty much useful in the platform for which it is useful in its platform. The more tokens under its wings, the more demands for ethereum thus making it valuable too. This is also where the direction of Bitquence will be.

Bitquence Project isn’t so much different from which is why the project says its the Next-Generation Universal Wallet and Value Management Platform. Basically, BitQuence (BQX)will have a cold storage for all your coins and tokens and used this BitQuence token as fee when sending any of the cryptocurrency you wish to send. Through this process, you won’t be losing any fraction of the coins you send because BQX will be its fee for the transaction. Check its WhitePaper for details.

Bitquence isn’t just a wallet but it also provide help in investing and moving coins easier for someone who isn’t pretty much knowledgeable with cryptocurrencies.

The team has extended thier ICO for those who weren’t yet participated.

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