Cue & A: Tell Us About That Time You Hung Out with a Rockstar
Cuepoint Selections

1999 the year Beck’s, Midnight Vultures dropped and I was writing for the mag While You Were Sleeping. I was sent to the Hollywood Knitting Factory on assignment to interview the band Cibo Matto who just released a brilliant album, Stereo Type A. Before hitting up the show I am pretty certain lots of drinks were consumed and by the time the band had intermission, I was pretty buzzed. Mostly I remember spotting Beck and his then girlfriend, Heather Graham, in the front of the stage getting cozy and having fun. I recall going to the Ladies Room a little star struck because at the time Midnight Vultures was my jam and I was trippin’ out on the unlikely chance I’d get to hang with Beck later while I was interviewing the band. As I was touching up my cherry red lipstick, I accidentally thought out loud and said “Damn, too bad he’s with Heather Graham, Beck is looking so good!” Almost immediately Heather Graham walks out of the bathroom stall behind me. It was like a scene from Beverly Hills 90210, “Did I really say that outloud,” I thought? Heather actually gave me a dirty look and I crept out of that bathroom quick with my cheeks matching my lipstick! After the show, more drinks were consumed and I had passed the point of being proper. I took my pass and went backstage. As presumed, Beck, Heather and the band were back there hanging out. By some crazy miracle I was left alone in a hallway with just Beck, he was wearing a polyester white suite and white fedora. My heart was pumping so fast, all I could think to say was, “Oh my God, Midnight Vultures is seriously so far ahead of it’s time, I listen to it practically every day, sometimes I sing “Get Real Paid” in front of my full length mirror, then for some dumb reason I actually started singing Beck his own song and for some reason, I actually busted out the Robot…WHILE SINGING?!?! I saw the smile on Becks face turn into complete panic, that’s when the band, my friends and Heather all joined us. He grabbed my shoulders and said, “You need to get out of here…”

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