Spiderwebs and Motivation

Entrepreneurial Journal 2

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

This entire week there has been an enormous spider web somewhere on my driveway. I like to step outside late at night and talk to myself, I think this is when my most genius ideas are sparked, then and in the shower, and 45 seconds before I’m asleep.

Monday night I walked outside as usual, and there up in the tree was a spider building his web. I could see the web through the yellow light of the street lamp, and watched it blow in the wind. The web was massive! The mooring threads (google just told me that was the pieces that anchor to things) stretched from a branch 12 feet up in the air all the way down to a stick laying on the driveway. Then the actual web was at least 18 inches in diameter. I was very impressed with this web.

Tuesday night I remembered my spider friend, and I was curious as to what he was up to. This time he moved above my car. His web reached either side of my very large Expedition, and up into the tree. I assume that the spider had a great success the night before and decided that the driveway was indeed the jackpot for all things bug catching. Again, the web was huge and impressive.

As impressed as I was by the webs I was equally unimpressed by the spider. It was rather average. Not particularly large like some of the garden spiders I’d seen recently, nor was he that small. It was tan and boring looking, no interesting markings like the black widow, or the jumping spider. This was your run of the mill generic spider.

But something about this spider struck me. Here he was working his little legs off building this massive masterpiece despite being quite average himself. He reminded me of myself and my writing. There’s nothing particularly special about me (unless you ask my mom). I’ve never overcome some incredible tragedy, or faced an amazing adventure, but here I am working on building something incredible. At least, I hope it will be incredible. I hope someone will come along and look at it from afar and think, “Wow! She really did that. That’s pretty cool.”