Labels I Need In My Amazon FBA Business

There are some supplies that are needed for your Amazon business that you may not think about until you need them. Labels are one of those types of supplies. Depending on what you are sending in, you could need only 1 type of label or you may need up to 4 different type of labels. Find out what Amazon FBA labels you need.

Amazon FBA Labels — This Is a Set Do Not Separate Labels

When you are sending merchandise that goes together, you can put it in a polybag but you must also designate to the Amazon warehouse staff that the packaging should not be opened. This merchandise goes together and it is a set. I do this by putting the merchandise in a polybag and putting a “This Is A Set” label on the bag. This will ensure that the items will stay together.

Amazon FBA Labels — Suffocation Labels

When you are packaging your merchandise in a bag, if the bag has more than a 5-inch opening, you need to make sure that a Suffocation Warning label is on the bag. The polybags that I purchase already have this warning printed on them. If I need to put a larger item in a bag, I will use a clear trash bag and I make sure I put a “Suffocation Warning” on the bag. I also do this with bubble wrap.

Amazon FBA Labels — 30 Up Address Labels

If you are not using a Dymo Printer to print your labels as you list, then you need to print your labels that will cover up the UPC code as part of the shipping process. Once you have added all your items to the shipping plan, you must print your labels. This will be a PDF file that you can print on 30 up address labels. This sheet contains 3 rows of 10 labels each.

Amazon FBA Labels — Shipping Labels

Once all your items are packed, you need to print shipping labels so your merchandise will go to the correct warehouse. You will print 2 labels, one that tells UPS what Amazon warehouse to deliver to and the second label is used by Amazon once your boxes are delivered. If you are using UPS, these 2-up labels can be ordered for free. You just must set up a UPS account and order the labels. Otherwise, you can order these labels.

As you can see, there are four different labels that are essential to an Amazon FBA business.

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