What will yesterday’s news look like tomorrow?

Journalists need to look outside of journalism to reinvent the future of news archives

Context is everything

At the Library of Congress, a small team has been working since 2011 to reinvent the way libraries around the globe catalogue their resources. Journalists ought to pay attention because newsrooms and libraries are facing many of the same core challenges.

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1969 ad for The New York Times index

Comparing Apple and apples

The New York Times is borderline obsessive when it comes to indexing its work. For example, anything about Hillary Clinton is described as, “Clinton, Hillary R.” If an article is about Apple, the company, it’s tagged in an organizational category; if it’s about apple, the fruit, it’s tagged as a description.

The newsonomics of nostalgia

One of the key hurdles in building better news archives is to overcome conventional expectations about what an archive or catalogue ought to look like or how it should function.

Mapping a networked future for the past

One of the internet’s best tricks is how it can create experiences that can feel simultaneously ephemeral and permanent when the reality is actually somewhere in-between.

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