10 states have statutes imposing various criminal sanctions for “failure to render aid.”
St. Steven

I expect if a whole lot of old white bigots actually died, that might have some material effects on the condition of Black folks, yes.

And yes, in some jurisdictions there is a duty to render aid. Pretty easy to do that pro forma, though: Call 911. Tell them some dude is dying. Leave. Not your fault if the ambulance doesn’t get there in time.

Please note that i’m not advocating this? But i don’t think SonOfBaldwin is facetious, or necessarily even wrong.

I mean, nearly everyone has a limit. If a guy murdered your mother, then managed to shoot himself in the gut while standing in front of you, i’m betting you wouldn’t feel quite this righteous about taking positive action to save his life. You’d be really angry, and that might overcome your oh-so-noble impulses, and even your awareness of the potential for prosecution.

That being the case, it seems to me that what this is about is policing Black folks’ anger. You’re deciding that the various crimes old white bigots have committed against Black people aren’t bad enough for them to be this angry, so angry that they can fantasize about being unconcerned by the bigots’ misfortune. You think that if your family were kidnapped in chains and four hundred years later you and yours were still being shit on and murdered by the very same folks’ families, you’d be above all that — you’d forgive and forget and never be ungrateful. Permit me leave to extremely doubt that.

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