Always Be Kind.

I read on Facebook a story about a gentleman who attempted to get into a bar and grille in London. The gentleman was in a later stage of Huntingtons than I am. He already had the drunken and gated walk. That is one stage after mine. Apparently, in Europe they’re given a Huntingtons Disease card in the event that they have a health complication or having to deal with police who think he maybe drunk. Well, this terrible establishment denied this young man entrance. They said he appeared overly intoxicated and proceeded to make fun of him. Even though he provided his Huntingtons card.

His friends were appalled and shared the story to the Huntingtons group on Facebook. One, I’m learning this is a tight knit group and you don’t mess with us. lol Two, what a terrible feeling to not only be denied a night out with friends because of your disease, but to also be taunted is horrible. This could be in a couple of years and I’m not sure how my self esteem would take this hit.

I know with my progression, I look quite normal if you don’t see my hands or feet trembling. However, my memory, cognitive, and motor skills have all been affected. Recently, a clerk was very rude to me because I couldn’t remember if I paid him or not. I literally left in tears and called my husband vowing to never go back. Until, I remembered to be kind. That the rude clerk may be experiencing not only a bad day, but maybe trauma as well. We all have something going on in our lives. Whether it be illness, family issues, or life’s many woes. We may not see it on the person’s outward appearance, but they maybe struggling.

Moral of the story is, be kind to everyone for one doesn’t know what they’re going through…

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