Dear Boys, Always Have a Soft Heart.

Hello Dears,

It’s early and T, I just sent you off to school. I’m very tired today. I had two naps yesterday and still feel like I need more rest. Damn Huntingtons. T, you told your grandma last night that you know how she felt when she lost her Mom in her mid 20’s. That broke my heart. I’m not really sure how to even address this with you, as you’ve been pushing me away. Now, I know why. I know you’re a teenager, but I also know now that you’re scared. That is why I wanted you both to have this for when I’m unable to communicate or something happens to me. Please know my sweet baby, that I will be with you at all times. Whether, it be in this world or in your heart. I love you and I wish I could take your pain away!

Boys, today I wanted to explain to you the importance of having a soft heart. Do not let this big, scary, and at times cruel world harden your heart. There will be times when bad things happen and we simply don’t understand why. It is easier sometimes to not do the right thing in life or to just give up. However, you boys come from a strong blood line of fighters. Please remember that. Bebe, beat cancer and has excelled although she’s blind. We as a family unit have beat the odds. T, we made it even though I had you at 15. T and J, I left an abusive relationship after almost 8 years so that you would no longer be around that type of life. I didn’t want you both to think this was the norm and that this was how you treated women. J, you may never know how bad it was and I thank God for that! T, I’m so sorry you were ever subjected to that. I’ve made many mistakes in life, but I’ve never given up. Neither, will you two. I don’t care how much adversity you both face, please continue to be good people. Wonderful men whom are productive in society. Please always do the right thing. I know it’s often the easy way out to do what is wrong. Don’t allow the world to let you think this way. There is karma and it always catches up to you. Be kind people. Do not ever become jaded. Help the community and always thank God for your the good in your life. Again, I repeat please don’t ever allow anything or anyone to change the good in you. Always, keep the soft and kind hearts you both have. You’re amazing people and can do so much good in the world. You’re both my everything. I love you with every bone in my body. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Love Always,


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