Good Morning, My Boys.

Good Morning Boys,

I just woke up and figured I should type while I’m still fresh. At this point in the disease, my cognitive and motor skills have started to decline. You both know I’m a stickler on proper spelling and run on sentences. I now do both. lol I apologize for my many typos.

I thought about last night what I may miss with you both, as time progresses. I may miss the first time you fall in love, go off to college, and other important events. I just want you to know that I’m with you in spirit always. I also want to offer my advice for you both as you will be getting access to this blog when you both are young adults.

So here goes my two cents. Treat all women with respect. I don’t care if it’s your grandma or a girl that you’re seeing. Enough said. Respect yourselves. Easier said than done, I promise. I know you both are going to experiment with alcohol. If you ever get wasted (of age, I hope) or at a party, please just call your Dad’s or your Stepdad. That’s all I ask. T, your Dad, Stepdad, and I all have a pact that when you need help and ask then we will be there right away without judgement. Moving on, always put God, family, school, and work first. T, I know you struggle with this and I get it, but I pray everyday that you do regain your faith again. God. is what has given me the strength to continue to fight this disease. Family, is crucial. Always, always, always, remain in contact with your brother. You two were raised together and will be each other’s best friend. When it feels like the world is beating you up, family will be there. School, is so important. You both will be the first from your parents to go to school. I’m so proud of that! Continue to make this a priority as it is very important. Everything is changing and now jobs like to see Masters degree. The workforce is becoming highly competitive. Lastly, your job. I don’t care if you’re an engineer or working at Mcdonalds. You always give 100%. Your work ethic is very important and says a lot about your character. You’re both highly intelligent young men and understand your character is very important. Character, either makes you a man or doesn’t. Make sure you have a good one.

Ok, so I ranted enough for today. I’m going to exercise with your Bebe. The Dr. said it helps with the symptoms of the disease. So gotta go work on my fitness, kiddos. I love you both to the moon and back.

Love Always,


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