El Salvador: My Perspective

I was in the passenger’s seat of my Lyft driver’s car on the way to work. Traditionally, one of the first things I ask after first meeting someone is where they’re from. My driver, whose name was Dimas, was telling me about how his family is from El Salvador. Pleasantly surprised, I was eager to ask him questions regarding his thoughts about the current issues happening in the country. I specifically asked him about the new Amnesty ruling.

“It’s a shame,” he replied, “They are only going to make the country worse.”

He explained to me further about how he just visited El Salvador in the past few weeks. The current condition of the country was what I had expected it to be, unstable and harshly brutal. After talking with Dimas, who is a first hand witness on the subject, I was convinced once more on why the new Amnesty ruling will indefinitely cause more than just controversy.

For those who are unaware of what the Amnesty ruling is — it is a pardon that was made to protect the

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