Letter to a Future ENG 214 Student

Dear future student,

Let me start off by first stating that I am not, for any means, the type to become excited or enthusiastic when it comes to my general ed courses — especially English. I find it hard to stay as intrigued as I would like, because let’s just say…I’m not quite the “school” person. While I do love to learn and expand my knowledge, the thought of — being in a classroom where at most times I leave uninspired and a little drained — does not appeal to me.

Now, I am not sure where you may be at in your life or if you like to deem yourself as a person who loves taking such classes. For me, before coming into this class I was literally preparing myself to hate it, but I also wanted to try my best to stick it through and make the most of it. My luck with English teachers/classes in the past have not been the best, so I was expecting what I have always gotten out of an English class — for it to be a big headache.

However, Michael Shannon’s class pleasantly surprised me.

Professor Michael gives his students an opportunity to learn about a topic that actually feels significant to them. He gives you the freedom of learning what you desire to learn about, and challenges your writing skills in ways that aren’t restricting and limited as traditional essays are. While there are still deadlines and tons of writing involved, it is up to you the student — to truly make it a learning and enjoyable experience.

First, choose a topic that you won’t get tired of. Moreover, choose a topic that actually stimulates you to learn more about it. This is an opportunity to allow yourself to actually indulge in something worth learning and writing about. Be smart with your topic. Choose it with intention.

Second, try your best to not procrastinate. I will admit that having everything online made it a lot easier to slack off sometimes when it came to meeting deadlines. But you just have to motivate yourself and make sure you are staying on top of everything. The work truly isn’t that bad, you just have to do it.

Lastly, be open minded and don’t be afraid to get engaged. This isn’t the type of class to only half heartedly be there and only do enough to “get you by.” Just make the most of it and allow yourself to be challenged. See what you can get from this experience.

You will only get as much as you are willing to put out. You can learn quite a lot if you are willing to be open to it. Trust me when I say this, Michael Shannon is not like any other English teacher.

Anyways, I hope you end up surprisingly liking this class as much as I did.

Good luck to you,