Pro-Choice Ad

The statistic, “Suicide accounts for 57% of the deaths of pregnant females aged 10–19 in El Salvador,” is enough to catch attention as this quote signifies the brutal effects of anti abortion laws in El Salvador. The girl’s highly distressed expression also mirrors the emotional pull that inevitabley emerges reading such a disturbing statistic. Simple and yet straight to the point, it conveys the message of why access to safe and legal abortions is a critical need for young girls who experience unintended pregnancies. With that being said, the need aspect in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is met by proposing this importance. The satisfaction aspect is met by stating one can, “help make abortion legal now.” The image of the young girl as well as the statistic itself is enough to create visualization of these girls who are in dire need of help. “Turning your back on these girls who are in desperate need for access to healthcare is not Pro-Life” also creates the visualization that being on the side of Pro-Life only means these girls will keep suffering. Lastly, the call to action is leaving it upon the reader to help make abortion legal, as it makes them feel they can make a difference on the issue.