Physicalization, experience, and knowledge

By Adrien Segal

As a 2020 Latham fellow, Adrien shared her emerging ideas on ID’s 2020 Latham theme, data and design, by giving a lecture and participating in a question-and-answer session (moderated by ID faculty member Zach Pino), as well as publishing this article.

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Trends in Water Use, 2013, by Adrien Segal. A data sculpture embedded with 50 years of water consumption statistics for the entire United States, sourced from a USGS publication. Image courtesy of the artist.

Why make data physical?

Anyone familiar with data visualization might already know what design elements are used to encode data into graphic imagery-shape, size, value, texture, orientation, position (x and y), and color. Visualizations are designed to appeal only to the eye, the most dominant perceptual sense in humans. …


Adrien Segal

Sculpture is a language I use to bridge the gap between reason and emotion. Art, design, data, sculpture. Based in Oakland, California.

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